Thursday, October 16, 2003


Although I'm too young to be able to remember much of it the first time round (I was only 8 when it finished), I'm really looking forward to watching Superstars tonight (BBC1 8p.m.). It will make a nice change from reality competition shows that pit people who want to be stars against each other in the hope of winning their dream. These sports people have already made it and so are taking part only because they want to, not for any real personal gain.

For those that don't know what I'm talking about (and you may not do if you're younger than I am), this is the premise behind the show:

1. Each heat consists of 8 events.
2. There are nine competitors per heat and they take part in six of events - they opt out of one and are pulled out of another (usually their specialist event in the name of fairness)
3. 10 points are awarded to the winner of the event with 7, 4, 2 and 1 going to the next four places.
4. At the end of each of the four heats the two competitors with the highest scores advance to the final.

Some real greats of British sport took part between 1973 and 1985 and in the current series the likes of Colin Jackson, Gavin Hastings and Stuart Pearce will be competing. Over the next four weeks the Men's heats will take place, then there is a Women's competition (single show) on the 13th November with the Men's final the following week.

It should be good fun.

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