Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Media Coverage

Flashblogging has had it's first media coverage!

I have to say I'm somewhat amazed; I didn't honestly think it would generate the level of interest that it has or be as successful. I thought I'd be lucky to hit double figures when it came to participants but the number is now heading towards 40 and who knows how many more will want to join in as a result of this article. I can hardly wait for Thursday, now.

If number increases dramatically before the deadline (4p.m. tomorrow) then I may decide to split the event and hit two separate blogs at the same time. I may also organise another one for early next week before the grand finale next Friday, if people continue to show interest. The thing is, I don't want to take flashblogging into November (I've got something completely different planned) so the last thing I want is to have a sudden surge in interest after it has all finished.

So, if you haven't yet taken part and feel like it could be fun (I have been assured that it is by those who've already done it) then leave a comment. If you write your own blog then do a bit of blogvertising and we'll see if we can top fifty or more.

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