Sunday, October 05, 2003

Blog On

On Thursday mike asked in a comment over at the Geezer's place if anyone knew who had been featured in Web User magazine's Blog On column. Well, I've had a look back through the old copies of the magazine I've got and come up with the list below. The first one appeared a year ago and there have been 26 to date.

1. This Modern World
2. World Of Badger
3. A Donkey On The Edge
4. Bar Room Philosphy
5. The Homeless Guy
6. Bloggerheads
7. Imperial Doughnut
8. The Diary Of Samuel Pepys
9. If You Lived Here You Would Be Home By Now
10. Green Fairy
11. Wil Wheaton
12. Minor 9th
13. Little Red Boat
14. The Audi Olympics
15. Troubled Diva
16. Burnt Toast
17. Wherever You Are
18. Rise
19. Londonmark
20. Warming Up
21. Call Centre Confidential
22. Scary Duck
23. Lost In Transit
24. Going Underground
25. Vodkabird
26. Diamond Geezer

A pretty eclectic mix of blogs if you ask me. The column first came to my attention at the end of February with Green Fairy. That proved to be my introduction to blogging and I've picked up several more from the list above since then as part of my daily(ish) read, though at least two of them I started reading before they were featured. Why not take some time to browse one or two that you haven't read before and see if you're missing anything?

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