Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Cruel Names

The girl who served me on the checkout in Sainsbury's in the City this morning was called Candle and that got me thinking about how cruel parents can seem to be when picking names for their children.

For instance, my youngest brother went to school with a kid called Leon Perrin. Naturally enough he was called Worcestershire Sauce and the like. My other brother (jokingly, I hope) claims to have names picked out for all his future children. Names that, in combination with our surname, will sound absolutely ridiculous.

L and I haven't had to choose a name yet (though there is one we'd like to use). That's a joy still to come but I hope that we would be able to choose one that we both like and will not be the cause of trouble for the child we give it to.

Do you know anyone who has given their child an awful name? What was it?

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