Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Well, the first Flashblog event happened this afternoon over at lemonpillows. A big thank you to those who went and left a piece of poetry in the comments. There was a good range of poems, from classic to silly, so well done all of you. Best of all, from the subsequent post it seems it was all taken the right way (i.e. surprised, confused over where they came from but pleased at the same time), which is fantastic. I think you all brought a ray of sunshine just where it was needed. If you didn't take part, why not pop over there and take a look?

I'm sorry that the training place I'm at don't allow internet access in the classrooms, which precluded me from actually taking part. It's as if they expect you to be doing training or something. ;-) I will definitely be part of the next one if I have to move heaven and earth to do it.

The important question, though is did you enjoy doing it? Did you stay and read for a while? Are you willing to let me send you off to another unknown blog next week?

That's right, no sooner has #1 ended that #2 appears on the horizon, provisionally set for Friday of next week. I want to get more people involved so keep telling people about it and I'll send you all off on another jaunt into blogland on the 17th.

Thank you all again, you're all stars.

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