Monday, October 27, 2003

Pro's and Cons of going bald

I would have posted this on Saturday if the bloody dial-up had given me any more time online. Anyway, better late than never.

These are the best of the pro's and cons of going bald that Thursday's Flashbloggers came up with.

1. No one calls you 'Ginga' any more.
2. You look like Patrick Stewart.
3. No more worry about going bald.
4. You're the emergency replacement for when the bulb goes at the local lighthouse.
5. Your kids can't pull your hair.
6. You've obviously got loads of testosterone.

1. You can't go bowling anymore.
2. You look like Ian Duncan Smith.
3. All that money wasted on polish and wax.
4. People slapping your forehead.
5. The hairdresser's fabulous bosom is no longer shoved in your face.
6. The comb over.

That just about covers it, I reckon.

Anyone come up with any more since Thursday?

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