Wednesday, October 29, 2003

November on Clear Blue Skies

As I have said a few times recently, I will be leaving Flashblogging behind and doing something completely different during November. Something that will still involve some input from my readers (that's you lot) but will actually put more emphasis on me and my writing.

I was fascinated by mike's 100x100 series a few months back, where he set himself the ridiculous task of having exactly 100 words in each of the next 100 posts. Although the scale of this particular project was probably too large, I liked the idea of setting some sort of restriction on my writing so I started wondering what I could do myself.

Later, I was listening to the Pink Floyd album Obscured By Clouds when I heard a couple of lines from a song that I thought would make a good subject for a post. Something in my head went click and November's special event was born.

Yes, November is Pink Floyd month on Clear Blue Skies. All the posts written in November will be inspired by lyrics from one of Pink Floyd's songs. And I mean all. So, if I see something that I really want to blog about, I'm going to have to find a lyric somewhere that I can connect it to.

I'll be writing about all manner of things (the Floyd have written some very odd songs in the last 35 years or so), from heavy subjects like war and insanity to silly, trivial matters and many of the posts will ask you to comment with your thoughts (the interactivity bit).

Unless you happen to be a fan yourself, I very much doubt you'll recognise many of the lyrics and I'm shying away from some of the really obvious ones. For example, I'm not going to write anything about not needing an education. I already have a list of 30 odd lyrics to use but I want to have a couple of posts most days so, if you are a fan and would like me to write something based on two or three lines from a particular song then email me.

As with this month's flashblogging events, I have no idea how well this is going to go and much of it will depend on you, my dear readers, taking part. Whether you're the biggest Floyd fan in the world or think that there could be nothing worse than being made to sit through a playing of The Dark Side Of The Moon, there will be something here for you so come along, read, comment and enjoy.

It all starts right here on Saturday morning.