Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Commuters face 'daily trauma'

So there's another report out on the state of public transport in this country and, what a surprise, it says that levels of overcrowding on trains and the tube are unacceptable and that something needs to be done about it urgently.

Really? I hadn't noticed. I'm sure I'm only crammed up against four other people when I'm commuting - surely that's not overcrowded? I did make an interesting discovery the other day when the tube was a little less full than normal: the carriages actually have seats in them! This was not something I knew before since I normally can't see anything beyond the person that's crushing me against the door.

The report is right about one thing, though (apart from the fact that our trains are little more than sardine cans on wheels during the rush hour), and that's the lack of faith that commuters have in anything actually improving. Packed trains are a way of life and none of us can see any reason to believe that will change any time soon.

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