Thursday, October 02, 2003


I am completely uninspired today. I just can't think of anything to write about and I can't be bothered to go surfing in order to find something, either. Maybe it's because my right ear is blocked up and I feel all unbalanced. Maybe it's to do with the meeting I've got in fifteen minutes where we are going to be told about the imminent restructuring of the department (people are a little gloomy and there have been a few redundancies, though I'm safe as far as I know). Maybe I'm just too tired. Maybe it's something else or all of the above.

I simply don't feel like writing anything. So I'll just remind you all that Flashblog #1 will take place next Wednesday and you have until 5.00 Tuesday afternoon to register interest. Currently, there are 10 people taking part but I think there need to be a couple of dozen at least to make it a success, So please, if you have your own blog, do a little blogvertising and encourage your readers to sign up as well.

I'm off to find out what the future holds.

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