Saturday, October 25, 2003

Let her rest in peace

I was never a big fan of Princess Diana. I don't think she was ever as much the victim as she lead the media to believe and I always had the feeling that she wanted it both ways; that she wanted privacy in her private life except when it suited her, and then she wanted all the media coverage she could get.

Surely now, though, she should be left to rest in peace? What good will Paul Burrell's new book, and it's serialisation in the Mirror, actually do? Burrell's statement last night that all he was trying to do was "defend the princess and stand in her corner" is laughable, especially given that his very next sentence was a dig at the royal family for not apologising after his trial sensationally collapsed last year. His motives appear to be far more selfish than he will admit; money for his own pocket and revenge over the Windsor's. He is the only person (apart from the owner of the Mirror, of course) who will benefit from all these revelations. The royal family don't want them and for Princes William and Harry I can only imagine that the whole affair will reopen old wounds that are just beginning to heal.

And would Diana herself have wanted all of this to come out like this? Burrell says yes, the princes say no. Can Burrell really have known her better than her own sons? I don't think so, and that just makes his actions in publishing this book seem even more suspicious.

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