Monday, January 26, 2004

Chill Wind

It was noticeably colder when we left the house this morning and it's going to be positively freezing in a couple of day's time. Snow is apparently on the way, too. Hopefully it will be nothing like this time last year when I had a three and a half mile walk home in the snow when the tubes and buses packed up.

Is anyone else suspicious of the timing of this little cold snap? Or am I the only person who thinks a certain someone was casting weather-related spells as the plane took off, headed for the warmer climes of the other side of the world?

I have to say, though, it would be nice to have snow on my birthday next week. You'd think that having a birthday early in February would mean having wintry conditions to celebrate in but I don't remember being able to throw a birthday snowball since I was very young. Maybe this year...

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