Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Search Me

I've been keeping an eye on the search engine referrals that lead people here since I started this blog four months ago but have never had any search hits of great enough interest to warrant putting them together in a post. At least, never until now. Over the last three days the following five searches have led people here:

bare in the big blue hose - I'm 15th on the list for this one. I love the way that two simple spelling mistakes have turned this search request for a children's TV programme into a request for someone who's naked inside a big pair of trousers.

neptune diva tub new orleans - No idea what this one's about but I come in third.


drink guinness for lightheadedness - This one's close to my heart as a do like a good pint of Guinness so it's good to be up there at number 5.

sex alleys in the phillipines - And where in the list do I appear for this last one? Where else? Number 1, of course.

I wonder if they found what they were looking for on Clear Blue Skies.

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