Friday, January 02, 2004

New Year Ramblings

Happy New Year to you all!

I know, I know, I'm a day late but I just couldn't be bothered yesterday, all right?

I trust everyone had a good Christmas, with plenty to eat and enough alcohol to keep you bleary-eyed until yesterday morning? Good.

I have to say, if L and I had been at my parents' instead of hers, I'd have eaten and drunk a whole lot more than I have over the last ten days or so (disappointingly, I don't think I've put more than a couple of pounds on - that's just not good enough). L's parents aren't heavy drinkers over Christmas. But we had a good time, despite the present-opening going on until getting on for 5.00.

The two days at Mum and Dad's last weekend was better. On the way there I saw a trailer in a farmers field alongside the M40 (I think) which had the words "We love our countryside. We fear our Government." emblazoned on the side, which really tickled me, for some reason. Once there, the wine was flowing much more freely, along with the traditional family aperitif, Trinity, which is absolutely gorgeous (as long as you like gin, that is). We went to see the Return Of The King on Sunday afternoon, which was just fantastic, and came back to Finchley on Monday.

Tuesday was spent lazing around the flat and on Wednesday we went into town and visited the London Transport Museum (very interesting, if you are nuts about the tube and stuff, like I am) and wandered over to Trafalgar Square just in time to see Japan celebrate their new year (about 3 in the afternoon). The evening was spent quietly at home, with a nice meal, bottle of wine and a dvd.

Have you made any resolutions? The only one I've come up with is to buy a small, pocket-sized notepad to carry around with me that I can write bloggable ideas in. There have been several occasions this last week when I've seen or heard something that I wanted to blog only to find that I can no longer remember what they were.

Anyway, I feel somewhat rested and ready to face work again (something that I most definitely wasn't just two weeks ago) so the break has done me some good.

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