Friday, January 23, 2004


We have a plan. It's not highly polished as yet and bits of it will probably remain of a 'suck it and see' nature but it is a plan. If we follow it, we should be all packed up and ready to leave the flat two days before we actually plan on moving. And, you know what? I think we'll make it easily. Writing it all down has shown us exactly how much needs to be done and, as long as we get on with it sooner rather than later, it'll be a breeze.

Essentially, the plan is to pack up all of the things that we don't see on a daily basis (everything in the spare room, in cupboards etc.) and leave the lounge pretty much as it is as long as possible. We want to be able to escape from Box City and have some semblance of normality. We also plan to spend quite a lot of time in the new place before we move in starting on the decorating and things so the sooner we get the packing underway the better.

We've already done a few bits and pieces but tomorrow we start in earnest with the spare room. Once we've cleared it out and packed it all up we'll be able to use it to store all of the boxes once they're full. Out of sight, out of mind, hopefully.

Like any mammoth task, it can be difficult to get started. You look at how much there is to do and can't see any way to make an impression of it and the next thing you know your motivation has disappeared. With luck, by the end of the weekend we'll have done a substantial chunk of it and it will just become easier after that.

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