Tuesday, January 20, 2004

New Inspiration

As I said on Friday, I have now moved offices and have had to become much more careful about my online activities. Consequently I have been writing most of my posts the night before I post them and have cut down on the number of blogs I visit during the day. The problem is, as a result of the move, I now have more to blog about than I did before. Annoying isn't the word for it.

The office I was in before was on a quiet little road just inside the East End and the windows were small and at normal height so when I was sat at my desk I couldn't really see anything of interest outside. Add to that the fact that the office was generally very quiet, because the business that we support was in an office 15 minutes walk away so no one ever popped round just for a chat, and you can see that it was very uninspiring as far as blogging went. Now I sit next to a floor to ceiling window on the first floor looking across a busy junction in the middle of the city. There are always people wandering by outside, providing me with material just when I can't blog it easily.

For instance, for the last couple of days the world's most disinterested leaflet distributor has been stood on the other side of the road. He has been sheltering in the fire exit of the building opposite, staring at nothing and only marginally waving the leaflet he's being paid to give out in the direction of every fifth person to walk by.

Your average city worker is very adept at avoiding anyone who looks like they might be giving out leaflets. It's a skill you learn quickly otherwise you'd never get to work in the morning what with the swarms of them descending on you from the moment you get out of the station. There's a certain look you put on your face that says "Look, just don't bother. I had a really shit night's sleep and the train was twenty minutes late. If you even think about approaching me with that leaflet for 25% off in Tie Rack I'll take it from you and ram it up your nose." You shove your hands deep in your pockets so they can't be tempted to take hold of something when they think you're not looking and you keep an eye on everyone just to deny anyone the chance to slip a 'Free Starbucks Coffee When You Spend Over £100 In Austin Reed' voucher in your bag or under your arm.

If you were walking past this guy, though, you'd be hard pushed to notice he was there, let alone need to avoid him. He's obviously not bothered about actually handing his stack of leaflets out so it makes you wonder why he just stands there instead of dumping them and spending the afternoon in the pub. I've thought about going over to him and asking for one of them but I think he'd die from shock so it's probably not such a good idea. On the other hand it might put him out of his misery.

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