Tuesday, January 13, 2004

New Links

As you may have noticed, I have added a few new blogs on my sidebar. They are blogs I've been reading for a little while now so I thought it was about time I put them up there. Let me introduce you.

First of all we have Autoblography, written by Stuart. Does a very nice virtual coffee (or any other beverage under the sun, really) on a Monday so pop by next week and put in your order.

Then there's Not You, The Other One, posts on all sorts of subjects but most often about her (lack of a) sex life at the moment. However, she is trying to do something about that so keep an eye on developments.

Of course, Ron's World probably doesn't need any introduction for most of you but if you've never come across the phenomenon that is RW then think of a conversation you've had in the pub with a load of your mates that starts off all deep and meaningful but quickly degenerates into a series of smutty jokes and innuendo and you'll know what to expect from Ron's comment threads. I love 'em.

Last on the list is Tom Watson, MP for West Bromwich East. While I may not agree with his political affiliations, he writes in an open, honest and often amusing way and it is good to have an insight into the mind of someone within parliament. He doesn't just write about politics or tow the party line, either. Hopefully, other MPs, from across the political spectrum will take up his lead and start writing blogs, too.

So there you have it, four very different blogs, all of them (I believe) worth reading. Why not go along and see if you agree with me?

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