Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Sorting - Music

Well, the sorting out has begun. Last night, we looked over the CDs and tapes and picked out anything that we don't listen to anymore and aren't likely to ever listen to again. For me, that included CDs by Arrested Development, A Tribe Called Quest & Dizzy Gillespie, among others, along with a trance version of Pink Floyd's album Wish You Were Here, which I bought in a fit of madness while at university. I got rid of far more tapes though, either albums I'd bought in the days before I had a CD player or ones I'd recorded to take to Germany (since I didn't have room to take anything bigger than a cassette player with me). I'm getting rid of tapes by Bjork, the Crash Test Dummies, Bryan Adams, Monty Python, David Lee Roth (an album that cost me about 75p in a discount bin in a German department store while I was out there) and the Beautiful South, to name but a few. Something like 40 or fifty of my tapes are going in total. The few I'm keeping, though, contains the first album I ever bought, Sting's The Soul Cages, which even now, almost 15 years later, I still love.

Between us we have reduced our CD collection by around a sixth and our tape collection by about 80%. Anything that can be resold will go to the nearest charity shop and the bin men can take the rest.

Next up will probably be a few boxes of assorted stuff in the back room that have been hanging around since L and I moved in together two years ago. I've got very little idea what's in them any more so there should be plenty of things to throw away there.

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