Monday, January 12, 2004


Following on from BW's post about blogland dreams, I had a blogging-connected dream on Saturday night. I don't usually remember dreams in vivid detail - more often than not all I can recall are vague sensations and perhaps the odd specific action - but this one was clearer than most.

I was walking with someone down the hill from my parents home in Stevenage towards the station when I suddenly became aware (whether by being told or what I don't know) that there was an awards ceremony for blogs taking place in a local theatre. The theatre, which doesn't really exist was small and called the 'Monty Python Comedy Theatre'. Inside it wasn't like any theatre I've ever seen. Instead it was more like a large, very brightly lit hall with a very long stage and the audience crowded around tables in front of it. There were a load of people on the stage, too but there wasn't a lot of award giving going on, just people juggling and fooling around, I think.

It was about this time that I realised that my companion was Charlotte from Sex And The City. But in my dream she was also a blogger and she had also been in Germany at the same time as me. It seems very odd now but, of course in the dream it was perfectly natural, though I was a little puzzled about why other people in the audience were looking at her a lot. We were stood at the back of the hall and I looked around wondering if I could spot Elsie in the crowd (because she's the only one of my readers I've seen a photo of) but I couldn't see her.

Then I woke up.

I know the root of the awards ceremony and the looking for Elsie thing, since on Friday I both nominated a couple of blogs in the Bloggies and saw Elsie's photo on Ron's World but as to the rest of it, I have no idea. Do you?

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