Friday, January 02, 2004

Open mouth, engage brain

One of the things I may use my little notepad for, once I've got it, is to note down some of the stupid things that people say on the television. Almost everyday I hear something dodgy; either terrible grammar or some thoughtless utterance that carries an implication the speaker was just unaware of. Normally, I've completely forgotten about it by the time I'm sitting in fornt of a computer.

Not today, however. Last night, watching the news, they had a few brief words from some of the neighbours of those who died in the terrible minibus crash in South Africa, yesterday. One of these neighbours said something along the lines of:

"You just don't expect people who live so close to you to die in that way"

So, in what way do you expect them to die? Or did you mean that you only expect people who live farther away from you to die like that?

If only he'd engaged his brain before he opened his mouth.

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