Friday, January 02, 2004

Top 100s

Well, thanks to Channel 4, we now know that the worst pop song ever is "The Cheeky Song" by the Cheeky Girls, the best musical is Grease (thankfully, Sound of Music was beaten into second place) and the top TV moment of 2003 was England winning the Rugby World Cup.

Casting my mind back over the last couple of years, I can recall similar countdowns of the 100 best films, scary moments, kids' TV programmes, movie stars and books. And I'm sure there were others.

And, if they weren't enough for you, the BBC will soon be doing a similar countdown of the Top 100 sitcom's.

If the trend for this sort of thing continue's, as I'm sure it will, it will only be a couple of years before they'll be able to do a show called "The Top 100 Pointless Top 100 Shows!"

I can hardly wait.

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